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Pigs are smarter than you think


An old research was used for a new study, which settled that pigs are as intelligent as dolphins. This new assessment brought into light the use of animals for food in human consumption.

In this new version of an existing research, pigs have been able to accomplish a series of high-level cognitive tasks. These tasks included using a mirror and displaying empathy. Pigs are cognitively equal with other highly intelligent animals.

Recently published paper draws observations from plentiful existing studies which showed how competent pigs are. Pigs have successfully navigated through mazes, engaged in play fighting and moved a joystick that is linked to a computer cursor.

Pigs have shown empathic responses to a companion, they are able to cooperate and learn from another. According to evidence, food serves as instigator and pigs were able to use mirrors and reflections to discover stashes.  In line with the evidence, a neuroscientist that was a part of this renewed research said that pigs’ mental capacities correspond to those of dogs, chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, and even humans.

Another goal of this research was to raise pro-animal views and change the opinion that pigs only serve to provide meat.

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