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NATO general: Europe and the United States are not ready for the war against Russia


According to General Petr Pavel, who is about to become the chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Europe and the United States are not ready for the conflict with Russia.

He also points out that Russia is gathering weapons and troops around the Ukrainian border.

Kremlin keeps denying allegations regarding participation of Russian soldiers in fights in Ukraine, and Putin today prevented exposing the information about troop deaths in “special operations” during peacetime.

General Pavel stresses that Putin has the power of seizing the Baltic in a very short period of time. As he warned, Putin needs only two days to perform this military action, and that is not enough time for NATO to respond to such situation. In the case of seizure by Putin, NATO would have to consider using nuclear weapons against Russia, which would mean a start of a new, nuclear war.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were integral parts of the Soviet Union, now these countries are NATO and EU members.

He also noticed that European measures taken against threats from Russia, as well as against Islamic State, didn’t give satisfying results.

General Pavel pointed out that Russia now has an advantage, compared to NATO. Russia has the luxury of making quick decisions, while NATO needs the agreement of 28 member states before it makes a move.

This is why Putin has the ability of sending Russian troops in Kiev, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Warsaw or Bucharest in just two days.

The military base just 30 miles from the Ukrainian border is the place where stockpiling of Russian equipment, including rocket launchers, tanks and artillery, is evident. However, many military vehicles don’t have their license plates on them and servicemen don’t wear their insignia.

Ukraine and the West claim that Russia is not only responsible for sending the equipment to rebels, but for sending its troops to fight against Ukrainian forces as well.

According to NATO, rebels are using a lull in fighting to prepare for the new possible offensive.

In the meantime, the Kremlin sticks to its statement, claiming that Russian soldiers don’t participate in fighting in Ukraine, and Putin is withholding the information about troop losses in peacetime.

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