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Most important developments in Syria


Numerous developments happened in Syria. The most important ones will be listed


Province of Latakia was effectively retrieved from Islamist militants by the Syrian army.

The possibility that Syria might be separated into two parts is no longer present.

Palmyra was freed from the threat of ISIS militants. Palmyra is considered as historical and cultural heritage.

Territory of Latakia and Palmyra were freed in swift operations and with minimum losses.

Forces fighting for Deir ez-Zor probably won’t survive this fight since this area is quite remote and is difficult to maintain control over Deir ez-Zor.

Syrian intelligence has improved so it can swiftly locate the size and location of the enemy and wipe them out.

Russia’s presence in Syria only reinforces Assad’s chances of winning.

Russia and the US started to share the same beliefs that by providing help to Syria and Assad, radical Islamism can be destroyed.

It seems that Turkey and other countries are providing military support to ISIS.

President Assad has increased his presence in media. He stated that he is positive that the situation in country will improve. Unfortunately, Syria has many losses. Half of the territory is taken by the ISIS along with number of oil fields, military arsenals and significant roads within the country, control over the border with Iraq, Jordan and Turkey. In order to obtain control over the country, Assad has to engage in serious and major air and ground offensive against ISIS.


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