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ISIS set up a training camp in Bosnia


Based on an investigation, it has been concluded that ISIS has set up a training camp in Bosnia.

This village is hidden in the deep woodland. The village under the name of Osve was used to train 12 ISIS fighters. It has been reported that five of them are dead.

Dzevad Galijasevic, who is terror expert, reported that many people went from this village to Syria. He also stated that everyone there will respond to the summons to jihad.

This village is highly isolated, it can’t be found by GPS and the precise location is 60 miles from Sarajevo and six miles from the town of Maglaj.

It has been observed that many residents of this village wore Islamic-style clothing. This village is considered a threat and is extremely dangerous.

It has been reported that land was bought there by Harun Mehicevic, who is known to support ISIS. Jasin Rizvic and Osman Kekic are two other terrorists who bought land in Osve.  They are currently fighting for ISIS in Syria. Many other people who went to Syria have properties in this village.

One villager reported that gunshot practices can be heard coming from the woods. He also fears that terrorists are using this village as their nest.

Bosnia is notorious for illegal weapons trading and many inhabitants support ISIS or are a part of the strict Sunni Islam Wahhabi movement.

It has been reported that between 2013 and 2014, 156 Bosnian men and 36 women travelled to Syria, together with 25 children. Based on this report, 48 men and three women returned to Bosnia.

According to Kristina Jozic, who works in security service Sipa, the return of people who were a part of the ISIS conflict in Syria represents a security challenge and a threat. She added that the village of Osve is being monitored.

Based on the statement of Armin Krzalic who is Director of the Centre for Security Studies, every Bosnian citizen who fought for ISIS and came back to Bosnia will be treated as a threat to security.


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  • Pixel Junky

    People were complaining and defending extremists during the Balkan wars. There you have it. Maybe the world was not thinking straight.

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