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Physicists believe that our universe is a hologram


A common belief in the scientific community is that time is a mental construct. However, other questions emerge questioning aspects of our reality. Could the perception of space also be the product of our perceptions?

Leading physicists are questioning common belief that our universe is three-dimensional space. They think that it could be a hologram. Based on the holographic principle, it appears that we live in a three-dimensional universe, whereas there might only be two dimensions.

According to this belief, we live on a flat surface that happens to look like it has depth. Everything is projected like in a hologram to give the impression of three dimensions.

According to physicists, the laws of physics seem to make more sense if they are written in two dimensions than in three.

The Stanford physicist Leonard Susskind has defined this idea decades ago. He stated that the idea of two dimensions has grew to be everyday tool to solve problems in physics.

However, any tangible evidence which supports this idea does not exist. But, scientists are trying to prove this. There is a belief among physicists which is based on holographic principles that our spacetime can contain a limited amount of information. Our 3D spacetime is encoded by limited amounts of 2D information.

Craig Hogan and other physicists are using an instrument called a Holomoter to see if a limit in the amount of information is present in spacetime. If it is present, it could prove that we live in a hologram.

Obviously, things are not what they seem to be.


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