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If Trump does these ten things he’ll be the greatest president ever



During his campaign, Donald Trump used a slogan “Make America great again”. In order to achieve this, he promised a lot of things and question is which ones will be fulfilled.

Everybody’s arguing about Trump. Families are split. Couples are at each others’ throats. Racial, ethnic, and religious tensions are in the air. Here at VT the comment section has been in an uproar for months.

I’ve been arguing about Trump with some smart people, people I respect. I just pre-recorded an interview with James Petras, an accomplished leftist anti-Empire sociologist and contributor to my False Flag Trilogy. He has positive things to say about Trump.

So does Robert David Steele, the whistleblowing former CIA Clandestine Services Officer who’s a prime force behind my new book Orlando False Flag. Steele actually believes Trump might push through the Election Reform Act of 2016. Listen to my brand-new interview with Steele for the details.

Petras, the radical leftist, and Steele, the reformist conservative Republican, are both brilliant. They are two of the greatest minds of our time. But I suspect they are wrong about Trump.

The Simpsons got it right when they predicted Trump’s campaign slogan would be: “America, you can be my ex-wife.”

Many of his supporters, especially the alternative media types, are going to be falling out of love with this guy real fast. If you’re paying attention, you’re already disillusioned.

Some of the headlines from this week’s False Flag Weekly News include:

Hillary Actually Won – Professor Mark Crispin Miller Reveals Election Fraud!

Why isn’t Hillary contesting Trump’s weird “win”? Is it because she stole “her” nomination?

Trump transition committee run by Kosher Nostra boss Adelson, 9/11 criminal Eisenberg (who handed WTC to Silverstein)


To be fair, there is possible good news on the Syria front. But the overall gestalt does not look good.

The same people who were convinced that Jade Helm was a plan to lock up millions of dissidents in Wal-Mart are the most fanatical Trump supporters. They are being scammed by exactly the same people – Bibi’s propaganda team in the fake alternative media – once again.

Here is my to-do list for Trump. If he does any of these things, I will eat crow. If he does all of them I will eat a whole flock.

  1. Expose the truth about 9/11, which is that it was a neocon coup designed to unleash Islamophobia to benefit Israel.
  2. Reinstate the Constitution by repealing all post-9/11 police state legislation and pushing through draconian restrictions on all forms of spying, search and seizure, etc.
  3. Push through Steele’s Election Reform Act, ending the corrupt two-party duopoly.
  4. Close down US military bases worldwide and return to a defend-the-borders posture.
  5. Use the savings to rebuild America’s infrastructure.
  6. Force big corporations to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US. (If he leaves office in 2024 with the percentage of made-in-USA stuff equivalent to what it was in, say, 1970, he will have succeeded.)
  7. End the Fed and print honest, Constitutional currency.
  8. Pass and enforce real anti-trust legislation so there can be no more monopolies or collusive trade practices, period.
  9. Push through the Constitutional amendment that would be needed to end private funding of political campaigns by the rich and special interests.
  10. Bust up big media into thousands of much smaller pieces, and use antitrust laws to keep them small.

The above list is pretty much what it would take to “Make America great again.”


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