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Hybrid war: Why the coup in Brazil should fail

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff

The current political situation in Brazil could lead to the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.

The notoriously corrupt leader of the lower House in the Brazilian Parliament, Eduardo Cunha — holder of 11 illegal Swiss accounts, listed in the Panama Papers, and indicted at the Supreme Court — has scheduled a crucial plenary vote on the possibility of impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff for this coming Sunday.

Sunday traditionally is the day when an overwhelming majority of Brazilians relax watching football on TV.

The crook in question also tried to defined the rules of the game; the roll call would start with the wealthier southern states, which are more favorable towards impeachment — a euphemism for coup/regime change, the culmination of the soft Hybrid War strategy deployed from the beginning by the usual suspects allied with the Brazilian oligarchy/comprador elites.

She’s actually being accused of accounting tricks that allegedly misrepresented the government’s fiscal status — something that every Brazilian president has done, not to mention leaders all across the world. In parallel, vast strands of civil society are now mobilizing to make sure the coup will be defeated in Congress and in the streets.

This sorry saga has nothing to do with corruption, allegedly the key motive behind the sprawling, two-year-old, initially NSA spying-fueled Car Wash investigation. It’s all about dirty political opportunism.

Vice-President Temer’s conspirator colors were fully revealed via an audio leak expertly delivered to the Globo empire’s widely watched 8 o’clock nightly news.

The PR angle was to create a “positive climate” towards impeachment, with Temer already acting presidential and positioned as the prodigal bearer — and facilitator — of good news, finally moving the nation away from the current, dire economic crisis.

Temer then went on a mainstream media overdrive, stating that, yes, he’s qualified for the Presidency; but if the impeachment motion is defeated, he must remain as Vice-President. He insists this is not a coup, while abhorring the possibility of a new general election, because that would represent a “constitutional rupture”. Macbeth? No; just a lowly parochial opportunist.

As it stands, the nation remains deeply polarized — even with Rousseff not charged with any wrongdoing, unlike the lot in Congress who wants to bring down her government. Of the 65 members of the sham congressional committee who voted on impeachment, 35 of the 38 who voted in favor are being investigated for corruption.

The bulk of civil society, led by social movements and academia/intellectual circles, has moved forcefully against the coup. With a crucial nuance; they are behind Lula personally, not the Workers’ Party, which is indeed tainted by corruption.

And yes, this is all about the 2018 elections — because the impeachment, in a nutshell, means the judicial/media reversal, via a white coup, of the 2014 result, when Rousseff was reelected President. And yet all recent simulations reveal that Lula still stands a chance in 2018 — although his percentage of popular rejection remains high. As much as he emerges as The Great Conciliator — and he’s the only one who can pull it off, after impeachment is defeated — these numbers will be reversed.

As for the Supreme Court, it’s now more than obvious that they should authorize legal action against notorious crook Cunha — leading to his inevitable removal as president of the lower House. A serious total package would imply the whole impeachment farce being judged unconstitutional, period.

Even the OAS secretary-general, Luis Almagro, has dubbed it a surrealist farce, “the world upside down” of the notoriously corrupt chasing away an honest President who always favored the fight against corruption. The “secret” of the whole parliamentary conspiracy — to which Western corporate media is oblivious — is that those crooks voting for impeachment on Sunday need by all means to escape the clutches of Car Wash themselves.

Amidst this gaggle of Hollow Men, it’s hard to find a peaceful way out. If Rousseff is not impeached she will be unable to govern; if impeachment wins it will be tarnished as illegitimate. Assuming the impeachment motion is approved in the House, the Senate could have up to May 11 to finally deliver its verdict. Rousseff would then be automatically suspended for up to 180 days, during which time the President will be “judged”; all bets will be off; and Hybrid War will keep paralyzing with a cobra clutch a key BRICS member. Mission accomplished?


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