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Iceland and the story of revived economy


Wealthy organizations are behind every bank. They control and charge every bank related transaction.

Iceland is the first country who made a decision to expel these criminal enterprises, which destroyed its economy.

Iceland decided to take a stance and try to convict and jail bankers. The result of their action is the fastest recovering economy now in Europe.

It has been reported that after experiencing financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, Iceland has achieved economic recovery. They have achieved this without compromising universal health care and education. Iceland is on the road to become the first country which is more successful after the crisis than it was before the onset of the crisis.

The Iceland simply decided to let the banks fail without trying to commit to billions of indebted money.  $85 billion worth of defaults was used as justification to take legal action and convict a number of bank executives of many committed frauds.

According to special prosecutor Olafur Hauksson, despite the position and job title, no one is too big to be investigated. Every member of society is responsible for their own actions.

Hauksson was given the ability to conduct his investigations without the need of court orders. The Iceland Supreme Court has supported six of the seven convictions and five more are scheduled. And there will probably be 14 more cases.

After all this, even the credit status of Iceland has improved.


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