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Every company in Greece is for sale


Greece plans to go through privatization of its major assets. It seems that every company is for sale.

Greece has to raise $56 billion by selling its assets in order to satisfy demands of Troika.

Germany was the first to take over 14 Greek airports for $1.36 billion. Next in line is Azerbaijan which will take over 66 percent of a gas distribution and processing firm. Also, 35 percent of Greece’s first oil refinery firm, 17 percent of its electricity distributor and 65 percent of gas distributor Depa are next for sale.

Everything from rail and bus services to Greek telephone and postal service are waiting for whoever bids the most.

According to an economic expert, Nick Dearden, it is unbelievable that someone is selling their assets during the Europe’s worst depression. The only people who will benefit from this are the members of Europe’s elite, while people of Greece will further suffer.

Money from the sold assets will go straight to creditors in debt repayments, and to the recapitalization of Greek banks.

It is even said that history is repeating itself. In 1871 German businessman and archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann used dynamite to excavate the ancient Greek city of Troy. During the process many significant artifacts were destroyed.

Berlin kept the entire collection. Greece doesn’t have control over its today’s assets either, as they are in the hands of the Troika.


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