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Worldwide governments will suffer an economic crisis in October 2015

Martin Armstrong predicted that all worldwide governments will suffer an economic crisis in the first week of October 2015.

This financial forecaster had predicted other earlier crisis and the predictions were correct.

But, it has to be mentioned that because of alleged accusations of contempt, fraud and Ponzi scheme, he spent 11 years in jail. According to the claims of his supporters, the government put him to jail in order to extort his forecasting program.

Based on his prediction, crisis will start in October, which means that worldwide governments would crash because of insolvency and lack of trust. He also predicts that large amount of capital will flow from bonds and the Euro into American stocks.

One of Armstrong’s supporters also made his own predictions. According to Edelson, a crisis will happen on October 7, 2015. This crisis will include the split of the EU.

According to his opinion, huge sums of investment will flow from the Eurozone to America, driving up U.S. stocks. Japan will also fall.

Based on their mutual opinion, other markets will fall while the U.S. stock market will rise. However, the domino effect will also hit the U.S. This means that the crisis will happen in the US eventually.


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