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Russian intervention in Syria caught on camera

russian ground forces

It seems that Russia intervened in Syria. Pictures of a Russian drone a Su-34 fighter jet, flying over the Nusra-controlled western Idlib province, were posted on Twitter.

In addition to this, Syrian state TV aired footage of Russian soldiers and armored vehicle fighting with pro-Assad troops.

Another evidence of Russian intervention in Syria is the photograph of Russian naval vessel carrying large amounts of military equipment.

The number of Russian officials increased a lot during the last few weeks. The precise number is still unknown.

Even the White House issued a statement on this matter. Russia’s presence and military actions in Syria have been confirmed, based on reports. However, such actions are considered destabilizing and counterproductive.

Even though various reports confirm that Russia is currently involved in Syria, their goals are still unknown.

Some even report that Russia is fighting Islamic State group militants, who attacked forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad.

Currently, Russia is the center of all attention. However, it has to be emphasized that the US, Turkey, and the Saudis are also fighting there under humanitarian pretext, while in reality the only goal is to obtain land rights to the most important gas pipeline.


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