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Politician in Finland wants to control the movement of welfare recipients


Pasi Maenranta is a politician in Finland who came to an idea that welfare recipients should be implanted with satellite-tracking chips. Thus, if they choose to leave the country, their movement will be located by this implant.

Because many recipients continue to receive welfare even though they went to join ISIL in Syria and Iraq, Pasi Maenranta suggested this possible solution.

He expressed his opinion on his matter on his Facebook page. He stated that after a person’s exact location is determined by a satellite, that person will be able to receive their welfare if they are within the borders of Finland.

According to a Swedish police expert for financing of terrorism Martin Frimansson, future ISIL members are more valued if they bring money with them. That is why they often take out loans before joining the ISIL.

Maenranta also suggested that a chip can be worn as a bracelet on a wrist. However, there is a chance that it could break.

As Google or Facebook can determine our location at any point, he is not concerned about privacy and freedom issues.


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