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Phony doctor sold bags of dirt as prescribed treatment to cancer patients

Vincent Gammill

Phony doctor was arrested for practicing without license and providing false cancer treatment. Vincent Gammill deceived his patients and illegally obtained thousands of dollars by giving them phony pills, expired prescription drugs and bags of dirt.

He used poisonous substances, expired drugs, steroids, morphine, Ambien and many other pills in his treatment.

He was arrested after a woman under the name Fern accused him of malpractice. Fern has breast cancer and found Gammill’s website and decided to try his alternative treatment. Fake doctor gave her a bunch of pills and a bag of dirt as prescribed treatment. In return she gave him $2,000.

She was supposed to stir the prescribed drugs in a pan before using them. Unfortunately, she followed his instructions and experienced pain in her stomach. Gamill said that it means that the medications are working.

She believed that he was a doctor and because she was desperate to find the cure for her illness, she believed him.

Based on a thorough investigation of Gammill’s medical practice, it was concluded that he never received any formal medical education and training. His practice was just a set up established to fool desperate cancer patients and take their money.

He will be prosecuted under the charges of practicing medicine and prescribing drugs without a license. Police are searching for other victims of this self-proclaimed alternative doctor of medicine.


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