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Ex-ISIS Fighter Reveals Daesh Plans To Nuke 4 Major Cities

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Four major cities in the world are in danger of an ISIS nuclear bomb. The shocking plans were revealed by a former ISIS member.

According to Sallah Abdeslam the ‘clash of civilisations’ is scheduled to begin in 2016.  He also says that nuclear bombs will be launched in United States, Germany, France and Russia.

His email was originally released by a German website, in which the former-ISIS member reveals the details of the planned nuclear invasion.

The following excerpts from his email reveal how many members of ISIS are located across the world.

ISIS owns four nuclear warheads. Three of them are W25 and W89 types. I’ve seen them myself. One is for the United States, one for Germany, one for France and the other for Russia.

There are now more than 135,000 ISIS members. 65,000 are distributed in Syria to protect the partly concealed weapons depots, fight on the fronts and keep certain checkpoints that are strategically important for the smuggling of petroleum and shipment of weapons.

In France there are 2,800 terrorist cells distributed around the region around Paris, Courbevoie, and Bobigny.

In England, there are only 650 terrorist cells since it was much more difficult to enter there. The terrorist cells in London, and distributed Harrow and disguised as students.

In Sweden there are 1,600 terrorist cells distributed in Stockholm, Täby, Älta and Solna.

In Germany there are 18,700 cells, and the number is increasing rapidly each day.



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