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Every Morning This Man Gets $86,400. What He Does With It? Powerful! [VIDEO]

Elvis de Leon
Elvis de Leon

Life is all about perspective, isn’t it?

It is brilliant… all over the world we have more than 7 billion souls with unique perspective. Every single human being has their own unique point of view. Can you imagine how major that is?!

It just came to me the other day: we can literally make the world a living paradise! Only if we work for the same vision: making this world a better place.

While nobody can be good at everything, everybody’s good at something, and that’s the key!

This video spreads powerful and inspiring message. I hope you all feel what this guy says. We all have this money everyday, we just don’t know it yet…


(Simple Capacity)

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  • NG

    60 seconds x 60 minutes = 3600 seconds per hour. 3600 x 24 = 86,400!! (not 84,600 – but I understand the point!).

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