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Europeans are too passive to fight against the decisions of their governments


All signs point to the possibility of a civil war in Europe. The current difficult situation is caused by millions of migrants coming into Europe.

G.M. David revealed that the sale of weapons is on the rise in Austria, while the United Kingdom is under the threat of a terrorist attack.

He stated that political organizations in Europe must find a way to deal with this situation. If they don’t, the grassroots organizations will start to defend Europe. He is worried that this crisis might escalate into a violent one.

Another point of view is presented by Diana West. She stated that Muslims are not a threat to Europeans, they are threatened by their own governments.

The governments are doing this by promoting the globalist prerogatives. Everything else is abandoned for this one goal.

According to her, the civil war won’t happen because the Europeans are already repressed and lack the reaction to the current situation with refugees.

Even though the Europeans are evidently upset, they simply remain passive. The explanation for this behavior can be found in their Christian background and religion.

The problem with Islam won’t be recognized as such, as long as the Europeans refuse to accept that problems have to be solved with force.

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