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EU plan to abolish British Army if UK vote to stay in Europe


Britain will soon decide whether it is going to stay in the EU or not. However, if it remains in the union, British army will have to share everything with the EU army.

The UK military could also be forced to share highly sensitive weapons technology with the rest of Europe under an agreement to boost military cooperation between member states.

Britain would also be expected to contribute around £375million to the scheme – enough to rehire all of the 20,000 soldiers the Government sacked in its last defence spending review.

Last night critics branded the plans “scandalous” and said only a vote for Brexit in the upcoming referendum can guarantee the future of the 356-year-old British army.

Britain has by far the biggest and best equipped army in Europe and is to plough some £2.2bn into developing new weapons this year alone.

Brussels bureaucrats are now calling for a “systematic and long-term policy framework” across Europe which would establish “a genuine harmonisation and coordination of operational and military requirements”.

It is contained in an official EU report setting out recommendations for a new EU-wide defence R&D scheme with an astonishing 3.6bn euro budget to develop weapons for a future Brussels army.

Establishing a standing EU army is seen by Brussels as one of the final steps in the creation of a United States of Europe, with the continent already hurtling towards full fiscal and political union.

Both current EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and former British prime minister Tony Blair, who wants to be his successor, have called for the bloc to have its own military.

The report is based on the presumption that the EU project will acquire its own army within decades and states that more cooperation between member states will be needed to “satisfy procurement needs”.

It proposes an initial Preparatory Action (PA) plan, to be launched immediately with a budget of 100 million euros, which will pave the way for a fully-fledged EU-funded Defence Research Programme (EDRP) to begin in 2021.

But UKIP’s defence spokesman Mike Hookem – himself a former serviceman in the RAF – warned an EU army would leave the UK unable to defend its own interests in the world, including the Falklands.

“We’re not safer, we’ve seen barbed wire going up all across Europe, ISIS are coming through Greece and getting into Europe quite easily with no checks whatsoever.



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