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EU furious as Obama violates his own sanctions against Russia

rocket engines

The EU expressed its dissatisfaction with Obamas decision to violate the sanctions US imposed on Russia.

The US spent $750 million on rocket engines manufactured by Russia.

European leaders are said to be baffled as to why the U.S. are going against sanctions they had forced the rest of Europe to adhere to, and which many criticized the U.S. government of being akin to a coup.

While leaving their European allies with no choice but to live with these sanctions, however, this report notes, the Obama regime, meanwhile, discovered that their military-national security space launches were about to be doomed due to their failure to build a replacement for the Russian rocket engines they had been using—and which due to their own sanctions against the Federation they could no longer buy.

Being faced, therefore, with the likelihood that their space launches would be stopped, and cost the jobs of tens-of-thousands of American workers, this report says, the Obama regime, last week, passed a secretive new law in their massive omnibus $1.1 trillion spending bill (which US Senator Rand Paul stated no one was allowed to read) exempting themselves from the very sanctions they are still making their European allies live with.

To the specific sanction-busting act committed by the Obama regime while its European allies still suffer, this report explains, was the purchase of 20 additional RD-180 rocket engines, on top of the 29 additional ones they had previously paid for—and which even though the Obama regimes announcement of this sanction-busting move didn’t publish the cost of, this report notes that at $25 million a piece, and when combined with additional plant manufacturing costs, brings this contract to $750 million.

As to how “psychotic/insane” the Obama regime has become regarding their forcing their European allies to sanction Russia has become, this report concludes, one has only to look at the Mistral-class amphibious assault ship deal signed between France and Russia—which after France cancelled this contract under pressure from the Obama regime, they had to pay back Russia a little more than $2.6 billion, well above the$1.2 billion Russia originally paid for both, and which Russia than made another $1 billion worth of profit on by selling to Egypt (who France then sold these ships to) the equipment they needed to complete these them—meaning, quite simply, that Russia made an over $2 billion profit due to Obama’s sanctions.


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