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Members of EU who disobey will be threatened with the exit from the Union

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble

Even though it is believed that Greece has prevented an economic collapse, it can only be done temporarily. However, the euro is not unbreakable and negotiations which happened in Brussels over the weekend serve to prove that relations between EMU nations are not at their best.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble pushed forward a term sheet on the basis of which seizure of Greece state assets may take place.

Although the exit from the Euro was considered as an option, it seems that it will be used as a threat to anyone who disobeys the German way. The exit from Euro can be permanent or temporary. However, not even one of these can be considered as a good option.

But the deal was concluded after spending 17 hours in a meeting with Euro leaders. Based on the provisions of this deal, Greece can evade an exit from the euro. In order to receive aid, Greek government is required to respond to an extremely thorough set of conditions.

The economy will continue to suffer because of an increased pressure. There is also a belief that this will lead to the emergence of new political parties which are explicitly against euro membership in Greece in the future.


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