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Greece defeated banksters in the national referendum


Greece has always been valued as a country. It has given a lot to the world, from philosophy, feta, history, yoghurt, poetry to honey and recently they provided the example to follow.

Greece has defeated banksters in the national referendum.

The next move for Greece is to leave Eurozone and switch to Drachma as official currency. Greece refused to repay debts that were forced upon them by the Goldman Sachs.

Greece was unable to repay a credit of €320 billion. Moreover, Greece only used about €20 billion, while the rest of the money went to the banksters. It took Greece five years of trying to repay it, and without success. The EU and IMF were playing a dishonest game with Greece.

As Greece is unable to take on the whole EU banking and political establishment on its own, Russia is there to provide help. Greece and Russia share the same religion and that is what brought them together.

While the EU is reincarnation of the Roman Empire and of Charlemagne, Russia is the lone part of the Byzantine world that kept its independency and adhered to its faith.

Greece and Balkan countries share Russia as their partner. Russia can help Greece by importing their wine, cheese and olives; boost the industry and give natives something else from just caring for tourists.

The Syriza party and its partner ANEL were known for being pro-Russian. However, when they were elected, they were involved in a game between Brussels and Moscow.

Russia was ready to invest five billion euros to build a gas pipeline to Greece and Greece could provide gas to Europe. However, the contract was never signed. Tsipras was supposed to participate in the May 9 celebrations in Moscow, but he never showed up.

Similar scenario happened with Ukraine in 2013. Russia was ready to give huge credits to the Ukraine which could buy its industrial output, invigorate its industry and agriculture. However, President Yanukovych did not take this chance. According to EU experts, it will take 20 years for Ukraine to reclaim the positions they had in 2013.

It is believed that the Syriza government might use the Russian alternative as a bluff in negotiations with IMF and the EU. In case they get relief, their economy would still remain in a difficult position for a period of time.

It has to be noted that the problem here is the EU, which serves as a union of bankers against people, a tool used by the US to control colonized Europe, and a tool for de-industrialisation and de-education of this most developed continent.

Countries like Sweden, Italy England and Spain would like to break the EU because of this.

Greece’s future would flourish without the EU. However, the people in charge of Greece have to act instead of hesitating. New leaders have to stand up to the organizations in charge.


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