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DESTRUCTION HAS BEGUN: Why do the world bankers and world rulers want to destroy the global financial system?

global financial system

International banksters have definitely initiated their plan to completely break-up the global financial system. The future of the global economy is now uncertain.

Money, once invented as a tool to serve trade, first has itself become a commodity, and then from an auxiliary tool transformed into ‘the main means of production’.

In the end, if earlier, global money was a reflection of global trade, today the global economy is becoming a reflection of the financial looking glass.

And this financial system, most recently demonstrating all the signs of stability, began to be actively dismantled and destabilized. Moreover – by its own masters and creators.

Why are those who rule the world and determine the development of global finance, beginning to destroy it?

Today’s global economy, the foundation of which is the creation of money by “developed countries” from thin air without backing of anything except the needs of the budget, is inefficient and is bursting at the seams. And international banksters are most aware of this. Therefore, under the smiles of liberal economists that “all is well”, they are preparing for a new stage of global evolution. Let us try to understand – what stage.

  1. The main postulate, which the West upholds – is inequality. Inequality at different levels: among its people, where the old nobility is still nobility, and new “upstarts” may have money but not power. (The most prominent institute of inequality within a nation – the House of Lords in the UK. This is a house of parliament, appointed by a “pedigree” and where the seat is passed down from father to son). Inequality between nations allows the opportunity to take from the standard of living of some and give it to others.
  1. The system, nurtured by the West for many centuries, is built on plunder. Without it it cannot exist. First, slaves in antiquity, then black slaves, Irish and Indians. Without the slaves and plunder the ‘great economy’ begins to stall and choke. Even in today’s economic model the abundance of goods in Western ‘temples of consumption’ would be significantly more expensive without Chinese and Asian goods, made by people who by Western standards receive a mere pittance.
  1. There is no one left to plunder any more. Russia and China, and many other countries following in their footsteps refuse to give up so much of their wealth as the West needs to feed and water the Golden billion at the highest standard. And without plunder and life support the system can not survive. So the international bankers are beginning to prepare for the change in the global economic paradigm.
  1. I described the essence of the changes that they implement in my book “Chaos and Revolutions – the Weapon of the Dollar”: “All inhabitants of the planet can expect to abandon the high standard of living, tolerance, human rights and other ‘inventions’ that helped the US in the fight against the Soviet Union”.
  1. International banksters have three scenarios of escaping the deadlock.

First – world war, which will engulf the creditors, and the debtors will become even poorer. The complete destruction of most of the global industry and infrastructure, the death of a huge number of people will give the opportunity to re-launch the debt-credit press and start rebuilding, controlling the world through military force.

The second scenario – plunging almost all global regions, except for some ‘allies,’ into chaos. In the end – darkness and middle ages in most parts of the planet, destruction of industry and infrastructure not through a global war, but through a series of ‘Cyprus-Donbass’ schemes. In the end, again, the power remains in the hands of those same banksters.

The third scenario is the dismantling of consumer society in its current form, a sharp decline in Western consumption level, suspension of ‘human rights’ and transition to a new form of liberal totalitarianism. This scenario is the least desirable for the banksters and bears the greatest upheaval for Western society, which in this case would ITSELF endure a serious disaster. Which would justify a crackdown, reduced consumption and transition to a new ‘bright world’.

  1. To explain in a nutshell the meaning of the ways out of the impasse where the global banksters have very quickly lead all of humanity, it is necessary to say the following. Since they failed to launch a world war or chaos on the universal scale, they have to prepare for the artificial cataclysm in their own diocese. To dramatically cut back on freedoms, and as a consequence – the rations.
  1. This point is so interesting that we must focus on it. A hundred or two hundred years ago, political struggle was over the distribution of public goods, because it is what gave freedom. The freedom of an industrialist and a nobleman was completely different from that of the proletarian, precisely because it had no effect on the distribution of public goods. Today, when the ‘ration’ of the Western people must be reduced, it is launched with an attack on rights and freedoms – that is, in reverse order. It is obvious that after terrorist attacks and refugees, manufactured at the hands of Western powers (read: international banksters!), freedoms of European and American citizens have been severely curtailed. But this is only the beginning.
  1. I would like to note that Europe is the kitchen for the future economic cataclysm. Zero credit rates have already led and will lead to tremendous growth in demand for real estate in the first place and everything else – second. And further everything will be as usual in the staging of the crisis. The bubble will be inflated, loans will be given out left and right, and then the shop will be abruptly folded, as it was done in 2011 in the United States. Remember, how one alleged defaulter on subprime mortgage had triggered the collapse in global markets? In Europe there will be no interest on loans at all, and in Denmark the banks are already paying those who took out a mortgage! This will end in a crisis of global proportions. It’s obvious. What is the reason – is a rhetorical question, we already answered it.
  1. To summarize. The world has entered a period of instability in all spheres. Or rather – it has been pushed there. With rare exceptions, it will be bad everywhere. Depending on the implementation of the three scenarios — in different degree, in different order and at different times. One thing is for sure – the consumption society has expired and will be dismantled in any case. During the crash of the current system everyone will have other concerns besides restoring the standard of living. If banksters win, and this victory must be total and universal, their need for facade will disappear. What’s the need for ‘human rights’, ‘high standard of living’ and other nonsense, if they can now do anything they want and no one on the entire planet would not dare to utter a word?
  1. And finally – what can Russia do? The answer is simple – get stronger . In all areas. And not get sucked into war. We must remember – if they cannot manufacture war or chaos, they will begin to crumble themselves. And this process is inevitable. And their collapse and weakening is our window of opportunity. They can only be saved by TREACHERY and STUPIDITY. If there will be neither in the Russian leadership – our chances of winning in the long (and relatively peaceful!) confrontation will be very high.

It’s just the beginning…


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