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Chinese-Uyghur set base in Syria, China is also expected to send troops


It has been reported that 3,500 Uyghurs are now located within a village newly retrieved from Assad, near the location of the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), which is supported by Turkey.

So far, TIP has obtained numerous weaponry, MIG fighter jets and a Syrian airbase. They were also involved in defeating the Syrian army at Jisr al-Shughour.

Uyghurs were involved in the attack on Thai Consulate in Turkey. They are also responsible for many attacks which happened in China in 2013 and 2014.

Because TIP has set its base in Syria, China is also expected to send troops to Syria.

China has a principle of non-interference, therefore it is unknown whether China will take any steps. However, principle of non-interference mostly applies on meddling in countries’ domestic politics.

This rule does not apply in case China’s security and interests are threatened.
There is a possibility for Xinjiang to face the same fate of Afghanistan, Afpak, Syria or Iraq. On the other hand, if Assad asks for help, Russia, China and other will provide military assistance which is in accordance with the international law.

However, US-led anti-ISIS coalition air strikes in Syria are neither in line with the UN mandate or permission from the sovereign government.

Syria and Egypt applied to become a part of China-led SCO because Turkey is engaged in proxy war against China, Kurds, Assad, Sisi, Netanyahu via Al Qaeda affiliates, Army of Conquest, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas.

Army of Conquest is currently attacking both Assad and China’s Xinjiang.
Therefore it can be concluded that China will provide help to Syria in case a threat emerges.


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  • Peter

    China will not send troops. Read around of your medias, whatever China does they will dig at China. Terrorists in China are called freedom fighters by western media.
    Send troops? You kidding? You would say China invading Middle East.
    Chinese want to send all their uighurs to Syria or whatever countries, can America take all our uighurs please?

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