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Chinese army will enter Syria and join the Russians


China decided to support Russia by putting a veto on a Security Council resolution concerning Syria. Apparently, Russian Senator Igor Morozov stated that China will deploy PLA troops into Syria.

He stated that the Chinese cruiser has already been sent and that an aircraft carrier will arrive soon.

These pieces of information serve to confirm that China will join the fight against ISIS. As Iran is also going to join Russia and China in fight against ISIS, the only logical step for the US would be to join as well.

In addition to the latest development in Syria, Iraq has decided to share intelligence with Russia, Iran and Syria. This intelligence will be used against ISIS. The US has already suspected that an agreement exists between Baghdad and Moscow. Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani traveled to Russia in order to secure this deal.

It seems that the efforts of the US to contain ISIS will be for nothing, because Russia and Iran decided to eliminate this terrorist group. The US used ISIS in order to achieve its geopolitical agenda. Therefore, the US believes that the involvement of Russia will only further destabilize current situation.

Nevertheless, Russian, Syrian and Iranian army have joined their forces to successfully eradicate ISIS.

Based on all this, it can be concluded that Russia will protect the Gazprom’s interests by fighting the terrorist group. China has also set foot into the Mid-East by joining forces with Russia and Iran. Ultimately, all this is considered a threat to the interests of the US.


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