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China’s plan to militarize space


Modern warfare has brought many different types of weapons. Based on recent reports, things a quietly becoming more serious.

Based on the report of Pentagon, apparently China is conducting several secretive projects. The goal of such project is for China to militarize space and destabilize U.S. military and strategic interests.

The use of anti-satellite space weapons by China concerns the Pentagon. It has been reported that China has tested several of these. The US considers China’s development of space technologies as a threat to all nations.

The US is threatened by China’s directed-energy weapons, satellite jammers and other technology. It is believed that the US communications grid can be disabled by it and their military positions could be weakened.

This report also disclosed that China has conducted these programs secretly while claiming that the space is used for peaceful purposes.

One of such tests happened in 2007. China has destroyed one of its own satellites by launching a rocket.

The US considers China’s ability to destroy one of its own satellites as a direct threat to US space interests.

In accordance with the latest Pentagon report, China has been categorized as a military threat.

Based on writings of Chinese regime, they believe that enemy’s resources in space must be destroyed or interfered with.

Based on Pentagon’s report to the Congress, this high tech militancy in space is more dangerous than anything that is happening on the ground. This belief is constructed on the assumption that China is specifically targeting the US.

In addition to these assumtions, it is also believed that Russia is also strengthening its space program.

Even though an international treaty banning the weaponization of space has been in progress for years, it seems that superpowers are unwilling to give up on their control yet.

Russia and China introduced this treaty in 2008. It has been updated in 2014. However, the US is against it because they believe that Russia and China are together secretly building up arms in space.

It has been reported that Russia might revive its 1960s fractional orbital bombardment system. This system could. According to US analysts, the system has the ability to completely destroy all electronics over a large area.




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