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China will no longer tolerate threats to their sovereignty by the US warships


According to the latest reports in media, China is ready to engage in a war with the US. This willingness to enter a war was influenced by the passage of a US warship in the vicinity of islands in the South China Sea.

The 12-nautical mile area around Spratly islands was violated by the guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen. China will no longer turn a blind eye on such intentional provocations.

Such actions represent an intentional threat to China’s sovereignty. Because of all this, China is ready to engage in war with the US without second thoughts on this matter.

If such violations happen again, China will send warships to confront US destroyers.

According to a report in the Global Times, China will locate the US warships and initiate further anti-harassment operations, which include electronic interventions and other strategies.

Apparently, these actions conducted by the US provoke China,  but the US doesn’t really want to start a war with China.

Even though China has issued numerous warning to the US for flying over the region, the US has ignored them all. In case a collision happened between Chinese and US aircraft, it would be another reason to start a war.

The relationship between China and the US is already tense and such US provocations make the situation potentially dangerous.

George Soros revealed that there is a serious danger of China’s partnership with Russia on political and military matters, which further enhances the possibility of a third world war.



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  • zlop

    US is controlled by Israel. Chinese aircraft carrier is parked near Syria.
    Will China attack Israel, if US attacks China?

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