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China will defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity


The US wanted to overthrow Assad and now things have gone in a different direction. With the aid of Russia and Iran, Assad’s regime has entered its fifth year.

The consequences of the plan devised by the US are numerous, among which is the refugee crisis. Russia simply decided to step in and solve the situation in Syria because the plan of US is not working.

It is possible that the US will soon engage in conflict with China over the South China Sea. The US is concerned with China’s land reclamation of Spratly islands and the fact that China has built 3,000 acres of new sovereign territory.

The US decided to sail ships close to China’s new territory and conduct a freedom of navigation operation. Another reason for this is to make sure that China won’t build military facilities on the island.

The US is currently engaged in situations which can escalate quickly with both Moscow and Beijing.

Media in China are currently reporting on the presence of the US Navy in China’s South China Sea. It is believed that the US is only endangering the regional peace and stability.

Adverting to the freedom of navigation, the US plans to sail or fly or conduct any other activity in this region, if that is in line with the international law. Therefore, the US Navy will sail within 12 nautical miles of Chinese islands in the South China Sea. Government officials believe that China should not consider this a provocation.

China is clear in its attitude. It will not tolerate this. China has made its sovereignty and territorial claims over the islands in South China Sea on the historical and legal basis. China has built certain facilities on the islands which benefit other nations too. Navigation safety was improved a lot ever since China built two lighthouses on the islands.

The US has conducted many military drills in the Pacific in order to show China its strength.

President of China stated in March 2014 that China would not initiate a conflict, but won’t allow any violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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