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China is coming to Syria after the Chinese citizen was executed


ISIS executed two hostages of Norwegian and Chinese origin and confirmed it in the propaganda magazine.

These two hostages were put on sale in the September issue of ISIS magazine. Two pages were dedicated to a Norwegian national Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, 48, and a Chinese captive, Fan Jinghui, 50. Anyone who wanted to free them could have paid their ransom.

The magazine did not disclose how the two hostages were captured. Also, the deadline for their ransom was unknown. They only noted that the offer will expire.

Sadly, the ISIS kept their promise and executed both prisoners.

This act of violence by the members of ISIS has initiated the question whether China will join the conflict in the Middle East.

China was mostly neutral in the fight against ISIS. However, this might change their stance.

ISIS is responsible for another death of a Chinese citizen. One of many people shot during Paris attacks was also a Chinese citizen. On top of all that, more than 1,000 Chinese tourists were visiting Paris when the attacks occurred on Friday evening.

Based on the latest reports, China plans to fight ISIS for the terror they brought to the world. China’s President Xi Jinping condemned the execution of Chinese national and stated that China is against violent, terrorist, criminal activities that are directed at human civilization.

While some believe that the execution of Chinese citizen will influence China to join in the fight against ISIS, others are skeptical about this.

According to Li Wei, who is the head of security and anti-terrorism research at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, China probably won’t support direct military intervention. However, this will increase the need to resolve the Syrian civil war.

China has not been a part of matters of other nations for decades, which is why the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi proposed three possible solutions of the Syrian conflict. These proposals include political talks, humanitarian relief and greater anti-terrorism cooperation.

However, China can no longer be on the sidelines as Russian and US aircraft carriers are both ready to engage in geopolitical showdown.

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