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China has nuclear weapons that can be used for attacking any part of the world


China has dozens of missiles that could hit any part of the US, it is said in the statement of the US Department of Defense for 2015.

China’s military capability is growing day by day and no one actually knows what capacities this country has. What is sure is that Beijing now has the capability of delivering a nuclear warhead to any region on the planet.

Pentagon’s annual report on the state of the Chinese military, which was submitted to the Congress, primarily is focused on military modernization, invasion of Taiwan, space technology development and rapid development of long-range weapons.

Some time ago, China became world’s military superpower. Thea can direct a nuclear warhead to almost any part of the world, Business Insider writes.

It is estimated that Beijing has 50 to 60 intercontinental missiles positioned across the country.

Besides that, China has nuclear missiles DF-31, CSS-3 and CSS-5 that serve to deter close military forces, such as, for example, Russia and India.

In addition to this, China, according to the available information, possesses four active nuclear submarines and the fifth one is on its way.

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