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China gave approval to Russia to shoot down Turkish planes in retaliation

russian plane

It was revealed in the Chinese media that Russia might retaliate for the crash of its Su-24 fighter jet. Russia might respond in the same manner by downing a Turkish warplane.

If Russia decides to do this, it would lead to a serious conflict among two nations.

This piece of information was published in Global Times which serves to promote the views of top Chinese government officials.

The article further reveals that Turkey is quite aware of the possible consequences of their decision to shoot down a Russian warplane.

In order to retaliate for the downing of their plane, Russia would have to cross the Syrian-Turkish border which would be considered as a provocation for a further military conflict.

If this happens, NATO will have to intervene. There is a really high chance that this conflict would escalate into a serious conflict between Russia and NATO.

It was revealed recently that Turkey was involved with ISIS in black market oil sales. There is also evidence that Turkey financed and helped ISIS terrorists.

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