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Peter Sutherland: Europe has to accept more refugees


Peter Sutherland is the boss of Goldman-Sachs International and Bilderberg attendee. He stated that Europe has to accept more refugees from African countries and Syria.

He gave this statement after he met with Pope Francis.

According to him, 240,000 immigrants should not be considered as a burden but as an economic and social benefit for Europe, Britain and Ireland.

He stated that mass migration can have a positive impact on the community in which migrants would live and that can become obvious in a short period of time.

He brought many studies into light which validate the economic benefits of mass migration into Europe from Africa and other places.

However, according to the report provided by University College London, migrants actually cause huge loss of money to host countries.

Since 1995, non-European migrants have cost Britain almost £120 billion of public money. The same situation applies to Germany.

Bertelsmann Foundation carried out another study which stated that in 2012 each immigrant contributed 22 billion euros to the community. Hans-Werner Sinn, the president of Institute for Economic Research opposed to this study stating that immigration cost the state more in social costs and other issues than it gives back in taxes and social contributions.

Despite the negative impact of mass migration, the European Union and the corporate media welcome this process.

Even though Sutherland and other members of political establishment in Europe stated that migrants give more then they take, the mass migration of Muslims into a mostly Christian Europe has caused a serious social crisis.

Howard Koplowitz reported that many young people are joining terrorist organizations like the Islamic State militant groups because of the high rate of youth unemployment.

In addition to this, German Chancellor Angela Merkel once said that even though it was believed that multiculturalism is a good choice, in practice that is simply impossible.




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  • patrick holland

    Dear Mr. Peter Sutherland

    During 2014 and again in 2015, you have been making some very
    strong and accusative statements against European Union countries and the EU in
    relation to the refugee problem in the Middle East. I think it is important to clarify certain
    facts with you in relation to all of this. We will examine this on a point by
    point basis.

    Firstly the European Union countries and ordinary European peoples are not responsible for the refugee problem in the Middle East. This refugee problem was brought about
    by the so called policy of ‘regime change’ favoured by some members of the
    US government and their lobbyists and the military-industrial business
    people, banking and big oil interests, including the neo conservatives.
    The Wikileaks revelations and other whistleblower leaks were very
    revealing in this respect. One can see why some people have been jailed
    and others are being hounded by the police services for revealing these
    facts on Wikileaks. Massive amounts of money are being made from these
    wars, supplying all sides of the conflict. Many newspapers report
    increased revenues and profits for military industrial interests and large
    banking interests which are involved in these conflicts in the Middle
    East. Several of these neo conservatives, lobbyists and
    military-industrial business people, banking and oil interests, are
    personal friends of yours, Mr. Sutherland, you have met them in Bilderberg
    meetings, Trilateral Commission meetings, European Roundtable meetings,
    Goldman Sachs meetings, BP meetings, and WTO meetings. You should get
    these people to stop their wars, stop their game playing in the Middle
    East. Use your influence, your power, your position, the press and media,
    your political connections, and your Goldman Sachs, Bilderberg and
    Trilateral connections to do this. This
    would help end the refugee problem. I presume you and your friends have a
    moral conscience, if so, then let us observe this moral conscience in

    While we are waiting for your
    and friends to help clear up this mess caused by the aforementioned
    ‘regime change’ policies, you and some of your rich friends could open up
    the doors of your palaces and luxury apartments and chateau’s in London,
    Dublin, Brussels, Paris, etc. to house these refugees. These would provide
    suitable accommodation for these people and help them appreciate the
    ‘finer things in life’.

    There is genuine fear in Europe,
    Mr. Sutherland, and you should not underestimate it, dismiss it, belittle
    it or ignore it. The Paris terror attack and other terror attacks in
    Europe were carried out by migrants or the children of migrants. A
    minority of migrants lack tolerance and respect for democracy, freedom,
    and equality. In 2015, the heads of the FBI, Homeland Security and the National
    Counter Terrorism centre stated to the US Congress that they had no way of
    identifying actual terrorists and hidden terrorists (and sleepers) in the
    large number of migrants and refugees seeking to enter the USA. They
    stated that it was a serious national security threat. The same applies to
    Europe. Isis has boasted that it has sent thousands of warriors disguised
    as refugees into Europe. Now, Mr. Sutherland, wouldn’t you lose all
    credibility and look ridiculous if this threat turns out to be true and
    you let in these Isis fighters to terrorise Europe. Would you be willing
    to take responsibility and face charges for this ?

    Your organisation the WTO helped
    shift millions of jobs out of Europe to Asia and Africa, destroying the livelihoods and careers of
    many Europeans and reducing the tax base and tax revenues of European
    governments. And the big banking interests, including Goldman Sachs,
    helped bankrupt European economies during the Financial crisis beginning
    in 2008. And you naively and foolishly expect bankrupted, impoverished
    Europeans to spend billions of euros resolving the refugee problems caused
    by people known to you who are corruptly involved in ‘regime change’
    policies. And you have the audacity to judge and condemn the European
    countries for being selfish. Selfishness is a very interesting topic to
    raise, Mr. Sutherland, I can see that you and your friends became very
    wealthy from the WTO deals, globalization, and the banking booms, while
    many working people and their families in Europe suffered. Generosity begins with you and your
    buddies Mr. Sutherland – would you be willing to help the WTO relocate
    these jobs back into Europe, via the creation of EU employment tariffs to
    keep employment in Europe, so we can pay our debts, taxes, pensions, social
    integration policies, and help the refugees ? And would you be willing to
    back proper EU level banking regulation, controls and Tobin taxes so that
    we the European taxpayers won’t have to bail out your banks again and
    again and again.

    Your argument about an ageing
    Europe is groundless, the reproductive rate throughout all of Europe is
    sufficient to support it’s economy. Migration within Europe (including EU,
    Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine and Balkan states) can resolve regional
    variations. And furthermore, your WTO and globalization, is reducing the
    need for people in employment and in society. Your nonsense about Europe
    being too homogenous also needs to be examined. Most people would support
    the homogeneity of democracy, freedom, equality and justice, while
    rejecting the religious dictatorship, persecution, extremism, intolerance,
    represented by some multi-cultural groups and their apologists.

    Mr. Sutherland, would and your
    buddies in Goldman Sachs, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission, the neo conservatives
    and the lobbyists in Washington DC be willing to put in place a Marshall
    Plan for the Middle East, after you stop the war or ‘regime change’ policy
    there ? This Marshall Plan would help rebuild and regenerate the economies
    of the Middle East, and build stability there. This would also help end
    the refugee problem.

    Well, Mr. Sutherland, the points made above certainly bring
    clarity and focus to the problem. The ball is now in your court, Mr. Sutherland.
    And please refrain from the condescending and accusative rhetoric which you are
    using to condemn European countries and the EU. Its time for you and your
    buddies to step up to the plate to resolve this refugee problem and the ‘regime
    change’ nonsense which underlies it in the Middle East.

    Best Regards

    Patrick Holland

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