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Artificial intelligence is more dangerous than you think


Professor Stuart Russell considers artificial intelligence to be equally dangerous as nuclear weapons. According to him, this technology could be utilized by the military.

It has already been reported that Boston Dynamics, a company owned by Google, is capable of developing robots for military purposes.

Elon Musk supports the claim of Professor Stuart Russell that development of artificial intelligence is equal to work needed to develop nuclear weapons. He also shares the opinion that artificial intelligence could be dangerous.

Another scientist who considers AI a danger to society is Professor Stephen Hawking. He stated that nuclear weapons were initially developed in order to provide unlimited source of energy. The comparison is made between the two because as nuclear weapons were considered a source of an unlimited energy, AI was considered a source of unlimited intelligence.

However, possible risks must be taken into consideration. Because some sort of regulations exist concerning nuclear weapons, the same has to exist within the AI development.

Advancement in AI technology has been outlined in Science. But, Professor Russell cautions that every aspect of AI technology development has to be analyzed before it is put into use.

During a United Nations meeting in Geneva, Professor Russell discussed the dangers of using AI systems to command military drones and weapons.

It has even been reported that numerous experts believe that movies like Terminator and 2001: A Space Odyssey could take place in real life. In other words, AI could misinterpret given orders and completely discard all human values.

It is of great importance that further development of AI technology is conducted in a way that preserves human values as central part.

Scientists and experts have to find an answer to how humankind is going to coexist with truly intelligent computers.


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