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Many technologies are made specifically for a war in space


A number of new defensive and offensive technologies are being developed. However, many people are concerned over the fact that these technologies will be used for war in space.

Space weapons were banned by the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 introduced by the United Nations.
Even though there is an official ban on the use of such weapons in space, major forces in the world have continued to invest in space technology that could be used for war in space.

Most important of all are those that can be used to dismantle, disable or hijack enemy satellites.
Even though the US is pointing its finger to China and Russia for developing anti-satellite technologies, the US has also made significant investments in their own development.

The US will invest more than $5 billion in the development of counter weapons and defenses over the course of five years.

An effort of the European Union to put a stop to this trend was unsuccessful. Russia, China, Brazil, India and Iran have been against this effort.

It is still unknown if the conflict in space will ever take place. However, the US is ready to defend their assets in space in case of attack.


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