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Angela Merkel’s secret game around the Nord Stream-2



According to media reports, it was revealed that instead of opposing Russia, Germany decided to support Nord Stream-2 project.

Russian media have now suddenly discovered what European media have been writing about for several months already. As it turns out, despite US pressure, the Nord Stream-2 project has been personally lobbied by Angela Merkel.

She has already stated that the project is purely commercial and not political, as confirmed by the US, Ukraine, Poland, and other countries sick with incurable Russophobia.

In addition, Merkel has met with Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who up until now opposed the laying of the new pipeline and even signed letters demanding to ban it.

Media have also reported that the German chancellor has promised to compensate for Slovakia’s losses from gas transit reduction in exchange for supporting Nord Stream-2.

The last bastion of resistance is Poland, which rightly suspects that after this projects launch, it will have to buy gas from Germany, which will be expensive.

At the official level, Warsaw is still opposed, but it has already begun negotiations with the German company BASF which is a shareholder of Nord Stream-2. Poland wants to buy 11 billion cubic meters of gas per year with a small discount, but this gas is supposed to be delivered via Nord Stream-2, which Poland has actively protested.

Schizophrenia? No! The Poles just want to exchange their support for discounts from the gas pipeline which they know will be built anyway. As is evident even in the case of Poland, money beats even Russophobia.

The recent statement of the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, who opposed NATO’s exercises on the border with Russia, is also a sign that the Germans have come to the conclusion that they don’t obtain anything but problems from confrontation with Russia, whereas there is much to be gained from cooperation. Who knows, maybe the lesson of the Second World War was not in vain.

If everything goes well, then the main victim of Berlin’s epiphany will be Kiev, and the point here is not even those billions of dollars which it would lose over reduced gas transit. Without gas transit status, Ukraine is deprived of its main instrument for blackmailing Europe and loses much of its appeal to the Americans.

The Maidan was orchestrated by the Americans in order to involve Russia in a war with Europe, so that  a NATO base could be established in Crimea, and so that the Americans would have the opportunity to, if necessary, cut Europe off from Russian gas. They didn’t take Crimea, war with Europe never happened, and now the last threat, Ukrainian gas transit, is all that remains, which is about to be cut by the efforts of our European business partners. And after this the most interesting will begin, but that’s a topic for another discussion.


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