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Many changes will occur by the end of September


A lot of people are worried about the things that are obviously happening in front of our eyes. The question is whether these political, military and economic changes are going to change the world ultimately. The answer might be known by the September 2015.

June to July – At some point during this period U.S. supreme Court is going to announce whether gay marriage is a is a constitutional right in all 50 states. Many believe that the ruling will be in favor of same-sex marriages.

Period from July 15th to September 15th – More than 1000 U.S. soldiers will take part in a military training drills “Jade Helm”.  Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, California, Mississippi and Florida will participate in these military exercises.

July 28th – European Union countries have a deadline to pass the “bail-in” legislation. Any country that disobeys will be prosecuted by European Commission.

September 13th – On the last days of previous two Shemitah cycles in 2001 and 2008, giant stock market crashes occurred. People share the same concern for this year’s end of the Shemitah year. It is unlikely that such scenario will take place because September 13 is on Sunday. But, according to Jonathan Cahn, occasionally stock market crashes occur right before the end or a few weeks prior to the end of the Shemitah.

September 15th – UN General Assembly is scheduled on this date. Recognition of a Palestinian state could be confirmed by a resolution that France intends to introduce.

September 25th to September 27th – The United Nations is going to start a new sustainable development agenda which includes provisions regarding the environment, environment, economics, agriculture, education and gender equality. Pope will give a speech in New York before this agenda will be revealed.

September 28th – The last of four blood moons will be noticeable in the city of Jerusalem. This phenomenon is ignored by many, but in past a similar pattern of eclipses occurred before and after the destruction of the Jewish temple by the Romans in 70 AD.

Since the elite seems to be preparing for something to take plays, maybe all of us should start to question everything and begin to prepare for the unthinkable.

There is evidence that the New York Fed are working on an satellite office in Chicago due to worries that a natural disaster might stop their operations in New York.

Due to the risk of an electromagnetic pulse NORAD moved their base deep inside Cheyenne Mountain.

Other occurrences add to this growing concern that something is or might happen. In March, U.S. Army soldiers were documented in full combat gear while practicing urban warfare style training drill just outside the Texarkana Regional Airport perimeter. In April it was reported that a train full of military equipment and helicopters came in Big Springs, Texas before Jade Helm 2015. Also in April armed troops practiced riot control during training by the military. A lot of reported military movement, convoys driving down the highways, trainings, and practices point out that military is training to take on the American people.

The reason for this evident military drills and practices is still unknown. The only conclusion is that some major events are going to happen in the second half of 2015 which will change everything dramatically.

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