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Alternative forms of living – the tiny house movement


The American author, poet, and philosopher Henry David Thoreau is also known for being a part of the tiny house movement. He lived in a small house near Walden ponds.

Today, alternative modes of living are becoming widespread. Major networks and media outlets have exposed this movement to the public thus making it mainstream. Various sources of footage, images and videos of people living in such surroundings can be found over the Internet.

It is believed that the tiny house movement will became more and more important in the future. The main reasons for this will be further explained.

The first reason to live in a tiny house is of course economic. Based on the research The Tiny Life, 21% of people who own it are younger than 30, 21% are between ages of 30 – 40, 18% belong to people between 40 -50 and the majority of 38% belong to people who are older than 50 years. Due to recent economic crisis, many people have lost a lot of money which is reason why their future has to be reevaluated. Since houses are too expensive and mortgages are repaid over the course of 2o to 40 years, tiny houses can be a good alternative.

 The following reason is environmental. Small houses are likely to become dominant, since many people are concerned about their environment. Such house takes less money to build and maintain than any other larger property.

Living in a small house simplifies one’s life. It has been proven by a study that living a simpler and less consumerist lifestyle is a key to a happier life. Since your living space is small, you won’t be tempted to purchase many things that you simply don’t need.

Living in a tiny home enables you to think freely and takes the burden of your shoulders to spend and spend because today’s culture forces you to. Owning a big house leads to further spending because such house has to be filled up with objects.

Being a part of a tiny house movement enables you to lead a happy life. You never wake up in the morning and contemplate how you are going to repay this month’s mortgage which is due in two days. Less stress equals more happiness. Studies have proved that the size of your home does not increase the overall happiness. On the contrary, bigger homes seem to make people less satisfied because you have to devote more time to maintaining, cleaning, and servicing.

Suburbanization born in 1950’s led people to become isolated. Long commutes to the city, long working hours and other, led people to become distant and too busy. In tiny house movement, people are brought together by the same cause. They discuss every issue that arises which is linked to the zoning, planning, and logistical challenges.

Tiny House Village in Sonoma Country will be a blueprint for other who would like to do the same.




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