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Facts about relationship between the US and China


Tensions between the United States and China are at its peak. If you think that the war between two major forces is unlikely, read the following signs. Even though the armed conflict might not happen in the immediate future, all signs point that it will happen.

  1. China has advanced into the South China Sea. Obama is not happy with the turn of events, since the US is bound by a treaty to protect the Philippines in any battle with China, since Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei and the Philippines all claim some of the islands which are now in China’s possession. The US is opposed to China’s continuation of building work and militarization of the islands, as the US wants to form alliances with China’s neighbors.
  2. China is also ready to fight for its right in the South China Sea. Media in China are already speaking about the inevitability of war if the US continues to assert that China has to stop all its activities on those islands.
  3. Obama is convinced that China’s government is to blame for the theft of the information of up to 14 million federal workers. This theft is considered as an act of war. China has denied such allegations. The founder of Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer, has stated that these two countries are already at cyber war.
  4. China managed a simulation of attack against Taiwan in a series of massive military exercises. If such simulation happened in reality, the US is bound to defend Taiwan.
  5. China’s action of retrofitting merchant ships for military purposes is being described as getting ready for war with the US. China is preparing a fleet of ships which can be used in the event of a naval conflict.
  6. New missiles which can destroy U.S. aircraft carriers have been devised by China.
  7. The Chinese are able to equip their nuclear missiles with MIRV warheads. China has already tested a long-range missile flight using multiple, independently targetable reentry vehicles or MIRVs. This test of warhead capabilities was one of the many to come. U.S. intelligence agencies consider this as advance for China’s strategic nuclear forces and part of a build-up that will probably have an impact on strategic balance of forces.
  8. Even bigger concern to the US present the new hypersonic glide vehicles. China has developed these ultra-high-speed missiles which have the ability to carry nuclear warheads. The weapons have already been tested and the US knows the results.
  9. Extremely quiet ballistic missile submarines are being built by the Chinese Navy. These submarines will be able to sneak up to the coastlines and fire nuclear missiles within just a few minutes. Already three of these have been deployed in the South China Sea and are capable of striking the United States with nuclear missiles.
  10. China has the ability to fire sea-based nuclear weapons which can potentially reach the US. These long-range nuclear ballistic missiles are being placed on its JIN class submarines. Since the range of these missiles is around 7,350 km and if they are launched from waters west or east of Hawaii they have the ability to reach all 50 US states.
  11. The Chinese military is doubling its numbers while the number of US military is decreasing. China has announced a budget for military of $132 billion, whereas the U.S. spent $600.4 billion on its military last year.
  12. The US has also been preparing for war with China. It has been reported that the US has been simulating war with China. The Pentagon call this practice Air Sea Battle.

In light with all this, there are too many pieces of evidence which prove that both superpowers are preparing for war. There is a slight difference between the US and China. China has become exceedingly wealthy, while the US owes China more than a trillion dollars. If the US debt-fueled economy collapses, the Chinese might use that to their advantage in order to succeed in their goal of total global domination.



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