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2015 will bring confusion across the world


Many events took place recently which signal that the second half of 2015 will bring confusion across the world.

The events are the following:

1. The New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal were not working on Wednesday because of unforeseen technical problem.

2. A complete collapse of Chinese stock market is unraveling. The Shanghai Composite Index has fallen more than 30% and the Chinese version of the NASDAQ has fallen by more than 40%. The losses in China are 15 times larger than the GDP of Greece.

3. Hackers successfully hacked into a German surface-to-air missile battery. Hackers programmed the missile battery to perform inexplicable orders.

4. Barack Obama stated that the US is accelerating the training of ISIL forces.

5. It was announced that the U.S. Mint was sold out of American Eagle silver coins at the moment of the lowest price of silver in 2015.

6. The blood moon appeared over a significant portion of the United States on the same date when gay marriages were approved by the Supreme Court.

7. NASA has initiated collaboration with the National Nuclear Security Administration to devise a way to destroy asteroids that are threatening our planet with nuclear weapons.

8. It was reported that 19 secret directives were issued by Barack Obama.

9. Pope Francis suggested that a new world order has to be set up and be shared by everyone and not only misused by the rich.

10. Greece was given one week to decide upon a mutual agreement which will include even more austerity for the Greek people. The EU threatens Greece with bankruptcy if they refuse to do as they said.

These are just some events that happened in previous weeks. However, many are about to take place. Military exercise Jade Helm is the first. Then, many other events will follow, like the end of the Shemitah year, the fourth blood moon, etc. Not to mention events that we won’t know about.


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