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Your body is not as healthy as you might think


Your body is programmed to show off signs when something is wrong. These signs should be taken seriously. If you experience some of the following signs, it is highly recommended that you visit your doctor.

Your feet are cold – Coldness of your feet could indicate heart problems or nervous system disorder. For example, symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease are cold, numbness, pale hands, toes, nose and ears.

Your palms are red – If your palms are red, that could mean that something is wrong with your liver. The redness is triggered by dermatitis or eczema. Allergies to some food, drugs, or drinks can cause red palms.

Neck swelling – If you experience such swelling, you should go to your doctor immediately. Women aged from 20 to 50 can suffer from thyroid problems.

Changes in color of the white part of your eye  – If you notice changes in color of the white part of your eye, it could be triggered by sleep deficiency or cold. The yellow color of eye white indicates jaundice and liver issues, while red color may point to viral diseases and hypertension.

Premature graying – Graying hair is common at the age of 40 and older. Graying hair in your thirties could be a sign of diabetes.

Facial flushing – For women at the age of 30 to 55 this is a common occurrence. However, this could indicate a disease named rosacea.

Fingernail changes – Your nails indicate the level of your overall health. Changes in the appearance of your nails may indicate a disease and if changes happen, you should consult your doctor.

Eyebrow loss – If you suddenly lose your eyebrows, that could be a symptom of thyroid problems.

Cracking and peeling off the skin of the lips – Cracked lips could be caused by temperature changes. It may also indicate a vitamin B and zinc deficiency. It could also indicate a fungal infection.

Birthmarks – We all have some sort of mark on our skin, either in the shape of a birthmark or mole. They can appear as a consequence of too much time spent in the sun. However, any changes that appear on your skin should be taken seriously.

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