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Woman carried her unborn twin inside her for decades


45-year-old Jenny Kavanagh has been carrying her unborn twin inside her for four decades.

After an ultrasound, surgeons decided that it had to be removed because it could have killed her. After they removed it, they said that her unborn twin had grown a face, an eye, tooth, and long black hair.

Ms Kavanagh said that she felt sadness when she saw it. However, she considers herself lucky because doctors removed it before it killed her. Her unborn twin has grown inside her since her birth.

Even though this baby was growing in one of her ovaries, she gave birth to two children without any complications.

woman-unborn twin

However, she became worried at some point when she started having heavy periods. She thought that this had something to do with coil she had fitted 15 years ago and decided to change it. During an ultrasound it was concluded that she had a 10 cm dark mass near one of her ovaries. After a three hour surgery, the mass was removed. Doctors showed her the picture of the mass and explained that it had grown inside her since birth.

It seems that at some point, the stronger embryo enveloped around the other. This is called ectopic pregnancy.

She was shocked when she saw the picture of something that had a face, with one eye and one baby tooth and black hair.


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