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Woman loses eye sight after cat licks her face


Pets are our best friends. However, everyone should know that a lick from a cat can be dangerous.

There is a woman, Janese Toledo, who lost her eyesight because she let her cat lick her face. Cat’s saliva ended up in her eye, causing the loss of her vision. She refused to believe that the lick of her pet resulted in serious health issue.

Numerous visits to doctors couldn’t provide her or the doctors with an answer to how the blindness happened, but as soon as she mentioned that her cat had licked her face, everything became clearer.

It turned out that the cat’s lick caused a bacterial infection. The bacteria were transferred from the pet’s saliva into her eye, but the same could have happened through the cat’s fur. The condition is known as “cat scratch disease”.

Blindness is not the only serious condition that can be caused this way. This is why washing hands after playing with pets is absolutely necessary.

Otherwise, there is the risk of facing serious health issues, like in Toledo’s case.

Everyone should keep in mind that about 40% of our furry pets carry the Bartonella henselae bacteria. Those animals usually don’t have symptoms of infection, the Center for Disease Control explained.

According to Dr. Kris Brickman, of the University of Toledo’s College of Medicine and Life Sciences, it is confirmed that cat scratch disease can affect a person’s eyesight, as well as to lead to some liver problems, even to cause meningitis, if the bacteria get into the spinal fluids.

The solution is to wash hands after touching your pets and never let them to bite you, or lick your face.

If you care about your health, you have to be careful and act responsibly.

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