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Wheat is one of the most toxic ingredients you can use


Consumption of wheat is no longer considered a healthy choice in your diet. The only type that is not hybridized is einkorn wheat.

Einkorn wheat has the lowest amount of gluten in comparison to other types. But it must be emphasized that it still contains gluten, so it can’t be used by those who are gluten intolerant. Another substance found in wheat is gliadin.

The ratio of gliadin to glutenin is 2:1 in einkorn wheat. Gliadin is considered to be the type of gluten proteins that seem to cause most sensitivities.

A study found that wheat with less chromosomes has lower levels of gliadin. Einkorn is known to have 14 chromosomes, which is the lowest number of chromosomes in comparison to other wheat types.

Wheat was modified through the course of time in order to be more accessible for industrial farming practices. The changes in size of wheat were introduced by Norman Borlaug in the 1950s and 1960s.

In order to avoid dangers of modified wheat and dangerous farming practices, a clean seed must be used and farming must be done in a more traditional way, without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

Farmers must also reject the practice of using Roundup a few days before harvest. The main component of Roundup is glyphosate, which aids the ripening of crops and enables a better harvest.

Roundup is also administered on oats, non-GMO canola, flax, peas, lentils, non-GMO soybeans, dry beans and sugar cane. These foods must be avoided because glyphosate is labeled as a Class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s IARC.

Wheat is also treated with substances like phosphine, chloropicrin, and methyl bromide. These substances are called fumigants and they are poisonous.

Further on, when wheat is milled into flour, it is treated with bleaching substance, and synthetic B vitamins and iron are added to it.

The chemical Azodicarbonamide is used as a dough conditioner. However, this substance causes many adverse effects including respiratory problems, and skin irritation. It disrupts the immune system, and is harmful to hormone function.

ADA is also an industrial chemical used in the manufacture of yoga mats, shoe rubber and synthetic leather and it is banned in Europe and Australia.

Further on, toxic byproducts of ADA emerged when food with ADA is heated. Those substances are Semicarbazide and ethyl carbamate.

The only way to avoid such toxic substances is to consume organically-grown food and avoid everything that did not go through adequate testing.


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