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Illnesses can be cured by wave genetics


Genes in DNA can be affected during the process of wave genetics by using resonant waves and certain electromagnetic waves. This research has been going on for more than 80 years in Russia. According to research of Russian scientists illnesses can be cured by wave genetics and lifespan of certain organisms, including human beings, can be extended.

Western scientists consider wave genetics a pseudoscience. However, wave genetics is essential in taking genetic engineering to the next level. With the advancement of knowledge and technology, scientists will eventually be able to use wave genetics to make GMO healthy to eat, cure diseases which couldn’t be cured and recreate tissues and lost body parts.

So far, stem cells can be programmed, managed and encoded by a quantum bio-computer. Commands are given to cells and tissues of donors or recipient by a quantum bio-computer. Then, stem cells are exposed to waves and guided cytodifferentiation leads to the growth of new organs and tissues.

Previously destroyed pancreas has been successfully restored by applying wave genetics. Even more advanced procedures were successfully completed by the groups of P. Gariaev in 2000 in Moscow, Russia, in 2001 in Toronto, Canada, and in 2005 in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia.

DNA and some parts of it can be changed under the influence of wave genetics. Biophotons in DNA serve as an electromagnetic communication system that is found in every cell of our bodies.

Genes can be healed by wave genetics when a specific area of the body is beamed at with the laser with epigenetic information. Epigenetic information can be moved into the DNA of cells and this process changes its gene expression. By doing this, cells are stimulated to regenerate organs and bones, and slow the aging process.

As DNA holds the code of life, any changes imposed by unhealthy diets, emotional problems, and other means can have a negative effect on our bodies. The DNA has to be understood as the code which has the ability to transmit information which allows it to think. Until spiritual aspect of DNA is embraced by scientists, they will never know how it actually works.

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