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Warning: your nails might be pointing to a disease, 5 symptoms that are good to know


Your nails can tell you if something is wrong with your health. These signs are easily noticeable and should not be ignored.

The color of your nailsHealthy nails should be pink and white with a white crescent of the nail root. Green nails are a sign of bacterial infection. The red lines on the nails are a sign of a problem with the heart. Blue nails show that you lack oxygen in the blood. Lifeless nails are a sign of a lack of vitamins. White nails warn you that you may have a problem with the liver, and dark spots on the top of the nails are a sign of aging.

Nail thickness – Thick nails are neither natural nor common. If your nails are significantly thick that may be associated with lung problems. Thick and grooved nails can mean a yeast infection, and a cracked and thick nail can mean problems with the thyroid gland. Unusually thick nails are the result of poor circulation.

Split and cracked nails – Cracked nail and regular cracking is due to deficiency of folic acid, vitamin C and protein. Psoriasis, in 10 percent of cases begins with white spots in nails root. Cracked nails are sometimes associated with chronic nourishing.

Change in the shape of your nails – If your nails are curved outwards and create a shape reminiscent of a spoon and it is even thinner, it may be a sign of iron deficiency or too much iron or a heart disease.

Nail abnormalities – The phenomenon known as grooved nail is an indication of psoriasis or a disease causing hair loss.



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