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Health benefits of walking barefoot

bare feet

Acupressure is used to stimulate points on the palms and feet, which are connected with all vital organs in the body. When a certain amount of pressure is put onto these spots, our internal organs are actually going through a massage which enhances the movement of vital energy through them.

A natural form of acupressure can be done by walking barefoot. Bioenergy that goes through our bodies provides energy to organs and allows them to have a proper function. Meridians network guides this energy through our body. These meridians stretch from fingers, across the body and finish at the toes.

Disease happens when energy is obstructed somewhere in the body.


In order for these points to be activated, they had to be massaged. Brain, sinuses, eyes and ears are location of head points. Upper body points are located in the upper part of the hand and the foot, while lower body points are located in the lower part of the foot and hand.

Easy way to massage these points is to just walk barefoot. For better health gains and vitality, each foot and hand should be massaged every morning for 5 minutes. The pressure should be moderate, not too strong or too weak.

Acupressure serves to eliminate problems with sinuses, digestion, stress, lack of energy, frequent infections, heart problems and hormonal disorders.

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