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Pharmaceutical industry hides the truth about Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17

Even though doctors of medicine are supposed to give us cure for a disease, we can also use food and other elements from nature to cure a certain disease.

Vitamin B17 can be used in cancer treatment. However, this piece of information is kept as a secret. This treatment is also called Laetrile.

The seed hidden inside of an apricot is the greatest source of vitamin B17.

The pharmaceutical industry is well aware that cures can be found in the nature, but they are not interested in that, because nature cannot be patented.

Vitamin B17 consists of glucose and hydrogen cyanide. Glucose from this vitamin is injected into the cancer cell and then cyanide and benzaldahyde from the glucose produce a targeted poison that kills the cancer cell.

This process is considered a natural form of chemotherapy.

However, it is still described as controversial because it is claimed by medical professionals that B17 is toxic.

Doctor of medicine John A. Richardson used it as cancer treatment and the results were better than orthodox treatments. But, the FDA does not approve the use of laetrile as a cancer treatment so it can’t be bought in the US. But you can gather apricot seeds and eat them during the battle with this vicious disease, or eat them in order to prevent cancer.

Even though the benefit of B17 was covered up by the FDA and the AMA, studies conducted between 1972 and 1977 concluded that laetrile suppressed the growth of tumors, it stopped the cancer spreading in mice, pain related to cancer was relieved. It prevents cancer and improves the overall health of the cancer patient.

In addition to these findings, people in real life have successfully used B17 to fight cancer cells.

Moreover, preventative medicine is the best medicine. Also, people should pay attention to what they eat. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle followed by little or no physical activity increases chances of getting cancer.

Besides apricot seed, other natural foods are known to repress cancer. The best choice would be the black seed aloe gel, aloe juice, ginger, Chia, cumin, flax,  large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables, turmeric, goji berries, food mushrooms, Swiss chard, chili peppers, spirulina, wheat grass and sumac. Also, fasting regularly is also suggested.

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