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Vitally important: 5 important supplements to protect your DNA


With all GMO products around us, radiation and chemicals affecting hormones, modern life has become a nightmare for the human health.

Every day, our DNA is being bombed with the substances that our body has never been able to withstand. What is the worst in all this is that these toxins cannot be avoided, unless you live in a bubble.

Fortunately, proper nutrition can protect us. Although these substances can damage and mutate our cells, our body possesses an impressive defense mechanism that functions with the right nutrients. A combination of vitamins and minerals can prevent a wide range of diseases, but the next 5 nutrients can protect and restore your DNA most efficiently.

Zinc gluconate

It is estimated that about 2 billion people in the world do not take enough zinc. It is a pity, because this mineral plays a major role in preventing cancer. Studies have shown that zinc deficiency causes oxidative stress and prevents the recovery of DNA, therefore, zinc is essential for proper cell replication.

The best natural sources of zinc are beef, oysters, spinach and pumpkin seeds. If you decide to use supplements, zinc gluconate is a good choice and it is definitely the cheapest. Do not exaggerate with the intake of zinc because it can inhibit the absorption of other nutrients. Daily dose of about 50 mg is more than enough to satisfy your needs.

Vitamin B complex

Vitamins B3, B6 and B12, when working together, prevent genetic mutations. In addition to the fact that many people do not get enough of these vitamins through the nutrition, stress reduces their amount in the body. Studies have shown that not only B vitamins can prevent DNA damage, but they are also able to repair the damage.

There are many natural sources of B vitamins. Different sorts of food contain B vitamins, such as seafood, eggs and beef. The only questionable thing is where to find vitamin B12. The most significant sources of B12 are beef liver and oysters. If you think that you don’t take enough of these vitamins (considering the fact how expensive the meat is these days), there are effective supplements containing all eight of B vitamins.

Magnesium glycinate

Although magnesium is one of the most common minerals on Earth, there are many people who do not take enough of it. Its most important role in the body is the stabilization and replication of cells and DNA.

Huge amounts of magnesium can be found in spinach, chard, pumpkin seeds, yogurt and almonds. But sometimes even these foods cannot provide you with the required amount of magnesium. Magnesium glycinate is easily absorbed, and in contrast to magnesium citrate or milk of magnesia, it doesn’t have laxative properties.


Astaxanthin is an intruder on this list, because it is not considered as one of the essential nutrients, but it definitely has a powerful effect. Numerous studies have shown that this is perhaps one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man. In terms of capturing free radicals, it is much more powerful than vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene.

A study carried out in rats in 2011 revealed that astaxanthin can prevent the damage caused by gamma radiation, which is the deadliest type of radiation. Just make sure that you buy astaxanthin in its natural form, not in the artificial form, which is used for food coloring.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the most important nutrient for the health of your DNA. Studies have shown that vitamin D has a strong effect on 200 genes and 2,776 binding sites in our genome. In fact, vitamin D deficiency is associated with many forms of cancer. A study carried out in 2011 has shown that 75% of cancer patients have a vitamin D deficiency. It also prevents autoimmune diseases, improves bone health and is an essential part of the overall immune system.

Natural sources of vitamin D are fish, beef, cheese and eggs, but sunbathing can provide you with the highest volumes of this vitamin. However, if you don’t prefer sunbathing, there is a supplement that could be a great choice for you.

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