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Video: What happens When a Family Eats Only Organic for Two Weeks


Pesticides, fungicides, growth regulators, and herbicides are chemicals meant to protect our plants, so that we could have good products in the end. They fulfill their purpose quite good, but the help of these chemicals comes with a price.

They produce some additional effects too, the effects that we usually don’t pay too much attention to. They negatively affect our health.

Dr. Jesse Henley reminds that these chemicals control and destroy pests, but at the same time the plants suffer because of that treatment.

Let’s take a look at the list of these dangerous chemicals that we use on a regular basis.

We use insecticides very often. Their purpose is to kill insects. However, the problem is that not all the insects are harmful. Bees and butterflies are beneficial, but insecticides kill them too.

The purpose of herbicides is to destroy weeds or unwanted vegetation.

We use fungicides to protect seeds against fungi living in soils.

Bactericides are meant to keep harmful bacteria under control, yet they are not always successful. Some bugs are resistant to the chemicals.

Virucides are used to suppress viruses, but the bad thing is that they are partially responsible for the very strong mutant viral strains.

The purpose of nematicides is to control nematodes (roundworms), while miticides kill mites and ticks.

Rodenticides are meant to control rodents.

We may not be aware of that, but these chemicals are everywhere around us.

Watch the next video and find out what changes has the five-member Nordic family experienced during and after the organic diet. Their urine tests will confirm their results.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can choose to eat healthy food. Let this family motivate you.

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