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Unraveling faces


One simple look at someone’s face will discover their souls. Ancient Chinese knew that. Being pretty has always been an advantage. Did you know that during the middle ages in Europe ugly people had been treated as evil?

Today, there is still the need to read the faces of other people, to analyze someone’s face shape and learn about their personalities.

Round face

Emotional, sensitive and kind – that would be the description of a person who has a round face. Men with this shape of face are committed to long-lasting relationships, and strong sexual fantasies are not strange to them.

Elongated face

If you enjoy the company of practical, systematic and hardworking person, make sure to make friends with someone with elongated face. Very often you can recognize them by their athletic figure. However, when it comes to relationships, their exaggerated self-confidence can harm a relationship they are in.

Square face

If you meet a person who is aggressive, ambitious, dominant, decisive, with good analytic skills, pay attention to his face. There is a strong possibility that it would be square-shaped.

Triangle face

Triangle-shaped faces are characteristic of good looking and intellectually dominant people. Their creativity and sensitivity can be inspiring, but watch out for their passionate temper.

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