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Amazing health properties of a bitter melon


A cucumber looking plant under the name Goya or Bitter melon has many good qualities. However, it is extremely bitter. This plant grows in South America and Asian countries.

Based on the experience of Dr. Shallenberger, this fruit is useful in fighting pancreatic cancer. According to his research, bitter melon juice diluted to 5% in water, is proved to be very effective in fighting pancreatic cancer.

Other tests proved that pancreatic tumors can be reduced by 64%.

Bitter melon can be used to cure many illnesses.

Bitter melon is known to increase stamina and levels of energy. It is a great source of folate. It can be used in type-2 diabetes to reduce blood sugar levels. It can increase your immune system, it improves eyesight, stimulates digestion, relieves hangovers and detoxifies your liver.

Conditions with psoriasis and other fungal infections can be improved by regular consumption of bitter juice.

Bitter melon is picked when it is still green. Clean it with water and with a soft vegetable brush. It can be prepared as a dish or dried. In India, it is stuffed with garam or stirred with vegetables. It can be prepared as a special dish with shrimp paste and mixed with vegetables, like the recipes from the Philippines recommend.

If you can endure the bitter taste, this fruit should be included into your everyday diet.

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