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Amazing graviola kills 12 types of cancer


Believe it or not, there is a fruit which is able to fight off 12 different types of cancer.

This fruit is known under many names lake graviola, soursop fruit, guanabana or guyabano. According to some studies, this fruit has the ability to successfully fight ovarian, colon, breast, prostate, lung, liver, cervical, lymphoma, and pancreatic cancers.

According to a pathologist at the University of Nebraska, graviola successfully changed cell metabolism of pancreatic cancer.

This fruit is 10.000 times stronger than Adriamycin in destroying colon cancer cells. What is more important, graviola kills cancer cells, but does not damage healthy cells.

Some other studies pointed out that graviola is efficient in fighting cervical and breast cancer.

Graviola contains many powerful anticancerous agents, known as acetogenins. This powerful fruit also contains various phytochemicals among which are Anonaine, Friedelin, Isolaureline, Annonamine, Anomurine, Kaempferol, Asimilobine, Quercetin, and Xylopine.

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